Things You Should Know Before Investing in a Cryptocurrency

Blockchain networks – Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, etc. – are constantly seeing new releases, with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tokens hitting the market every single day. However, many of the tokens launched are crap, developed by inexperienced developers who want to make quick money or by scammers who want to defraud novice investors. 
Although a good chunk of these tokens is abysmal, there are several hidden gems waiting to be found. And, when they are, investors can make at least 100 times more than what they put in.  
The cryptocurrency world is today’s “gold rush,” where one smart decision can ensure a person’s financial future.  
How Can You Find The Hidden Crypto Gems? 
There are just two things you must do to find these hidden gems: 

  • Find the gem before other investors find it
  • Immediately conduct detailed research to learn what the growth potentials are 

It’s crucial to find the hidden gem before any investor does. In the traditional financial sector, business owners will often share financial information with family and friends (a concept known as insider trading). This insider trading information gives them an opportunity to learn about a launch before others do. With transparency in blockchain, each transaction is recorded, meaning the middleman is cut out of the informational loop. 
Of course, you may be wondering what it is you need to watch out for. Think back to the time before cryptocurrency took off. Blockchains would release the tokens before they were added to the DEX (decentralized exchange) like PancakeSwap or Uniswap. After that, creators would add various controls, like locking liquidity, to safeguard investors’ interests and foster feelings of dependability and sureness that entices them to buy tokens. The tokens are then listed and marketed on an exchange when investors generally learn about the gems. However, when it reaches this point, the competition is fierce.  
Wouldn’t it be nice if you can find out about a cryptocurrency gem before anyone else? 
Every one of the above-mentioned events would be recorded in blockchain transactions. The key to finding the gems is to look for those transactions before anybody else does. However, you’ll be wading deep into the waters to find that the right transactions and constantly watching and investigating the transactions in real-time is unsustainable. 
Mudra Discover dapp for the BSC network eliminates the need to watch and investigate. With this dapp, you can quickly discover the 100x altcoin crypto gems. Mudra Discover keeps real-time track of the BEP-20 tokens when they lock in liquidity. The dapp will also show how long the liquidity lock lasted and its value. When tokens with ample liquidity value stay locked for more than a year, they may rise in popularity to become the next safemoon and dogecoin.  
Should You Invest in a Crypto Gem You Spotted?
If you think you found a possible crypto gem, you may question whether or not you should make an investment in it? Before you do anything, make sure to do your research – complete, exhaustive research of the gem. You want to know if there is any real potential with it. You’ll need to take a good look at its groundwork – everything is found on the Blockchain but will take some time to manually dig through. 
Mudra Research is one of the most revolutionary token research tools available to the market. It will inform you of all the critical factors associated with a BSC token, such as token ownership and whether any of the supply is burned. You’ll receive an analysis of the token contract’s source code to determine whether it’s likely to act as a honeypot, preventing holders from selling their shares. The liquidity of the token is determined, and all pertinent information is recorded, such as whether it is locked and how many tokens are allocated to the liquidity pool. 
With both these Mudra dapps, you can recognize and research the crypto gems before your competitors have an opportunity to even learn about them. Do this, and who knows you could become financially well-off before you know it.