New Q-Token Released on Stellar Network, Now Available on LOBSTR Wallet

The new crypto coin, Q-Token is to be released using a stellar network and it is now available on LOBSTR Wallet. Stellar security is a secure platform to trade with. It uses industry-standard public-key cryptography equipment. As Bitcoin found fame in 2021, the Stellar network was one among the five crypto trading platforms that impressed developers. The reason for this is because Stellar considerably reduces the time of cross-border transactions by connecting financial institutions. The transactions in the stellar network are public and this allows the activity between two points to be audited and remain encrypted at the same time. Investing in a coin that uses the Stellar network is one of the best ways to invest in crypto.
What is Stellar Network?
Stellar Network is blockchain technology and is similar to most decentralised payment technologies. Its native cryptocurrency is XLM. The distributed ledger that runs in the decentralised network is updated every 2 seconds. Stellar stands out from Bitcoin in terms of its consensus protocol.
Stellar does not need the approval of the entire miner community for transactions. It uses the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) formula, which processes transactions faster. Steller uses bits or a portion of its network to approve or validate a transaction. These portions are called quorum slices. 
Steller can process up to 1000 network operations in a second. Every node in the Steller Network chooses another set of similar nodes which it terms as “trustworthy”. The transaction is considered validated when all the nodes approve. 
What are the benefits of the Stellar network?
Stellar is more trustworthy and is one of the most chosen platforms in the crypto/token world. This is why investing in Q-token will be the wisest decision one can make. 
One of the benefits of the Stellar network is that it is constantly updated and upgraded. Each year, the stellar network is upgraded after careful study to match the changing needs of the ecosystem. All transactions performed in stellar are public and banks that use Stellar for exchange can are allowed to keep the sender’s and receiver’s information private and encrypted. This is stored in the transaction’s memo field. LOBSTR wallet is a simple and secure way to get started with Stellar Network. The new Q-Token, available on LOBSTR wallet and it is a great solution to those asking “how to invest in crypto”.