DeHorizon Foundation is to Initiate DeVerse, Blockchain-based MMO/RPG Metaverse, Making “Play for Fun and to Earn” into Reality!

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DeHorizon Foundation is to initiate DeVerse which is a blockchain-based MMO/RPG Metaverse game built on Binacne Smart Chain. The long-term vision of DeHorizon Foundation is to create a Metaverse world that is open, free, and dominated by players.

The appearance of GameFi does make great influence on the traditional gaming and blockchain industry as play-to-earn temporarily becomes a global trend. DeHorizon Foundation thinks it is a breakthrough for the traditional gaming industry as well as an opportunity for the blockchain industry to embrace new traffic.

However, a common phenomenon in GameFi is that most blockchain games ignore the importance of playability. DeHorizon Foundation firmly believes that blockchain games should not only be “play to earn,” but should also be for fun as well.

That is why DeVerse was created.

DeVerse: the next generation of Metaverse blockchain game

As the barbarous version of a high fantasy action-adventure game, DeVerse provides five playable hero characters and six striking game scenes for players.There will be epic battles, heroic quests, and opportunities to tame wild creatures along with NFT mints of monsters and more. 

DeHorizon Foundation aims to provide players with a peak gaming experience while allowing players to have the opportunity to become the grand master in the game.

Via the in-game currency $DEVT, players are able to mint monsters, start the yield farming, place bets for tournaments, buy blind boxes and much more. $DEVT can also be attributed to players as in-game rewards. For example, there will be weekly tournaments and the top 10 players can win the reward pool. 

The first game scene, DeMining will be live in November 2021.

Economic model

The total supply of $DEVT is 300 million. Out of that, 60% is used inside the Platform, 35% is for Yield Farming and 25% as Game Currency. 15% of the remaining is for token sales, 10% for Private Sales and 5% for Angel Rounds. Contributors and Partners share 5% each and the team has another 15%. 

The main utility of $DEVT is for the in-game trade.

DeHorizon X Binance NFT Marketplace

A big announcement has been issued in the Medium is that DeVerse Privilege Pre-sale will be live on Binance NFT Marketplace from 11:00 on August 16th, 2021 (UTC) — 23:59 on August 22nd, 2021 (UTC). 

It is the first time for players to get DeVerse NFT items such as limited hero batches, one of one pre-mining pass and two types of exclusive VIP pass.

Let’s take a deep dive into the DeHorizon universe!

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