Announcing Decentralized Derby: A Quillshield initiative

QuillAudits is excited to announce a new programme called the Decentralized Derby. This event aims to be a game-changer for the web3 world by bringing people together to work on new ideas and help the web3 ecosystem grow.

What is Decentralized Derby?

Decentralized Derby unites web3’s brightest minds, creative leaders, clever investors, and its dynamic community for innovation. This event showcases the latest and most innovative ideas in web3 technology, potentially reshaping our future of blockchain.

Here, Entrepreneurs will present their concepts to one of the leading global venture capital firms, with the Web 3.0 community in attendance.


Let’s see why you should opt in for Decentralized Derby – 


Communities: Pitch your talent and get hired while staying ahead in web3; learn about new products and proven growth strategies from industry leaders. 

VCs: Discover high-potential web3 startups, Network with founders, and explore investment opportunities that could shape the future of technology. 

Buidlers: Pitch your ideas to top-tier VCs, Promote your product among the audience, Network with fellow builders and find potential collaborators.

Episode 1: The Launch


The first episode of Decentralized Derby is ready to create a new standard for web3 events featuring : 


Who’s Attending: 


  • Blockchain-partners for Grants: 5ire, Aptos
  • Accelerators, Incubators and VCs: X-founders, Symbiote, Innmind VCs: Hashminds, Alphablockz Ventures, Bees VCs
  • Community Partners: Defihacklabs, Metana, Metaschool, The Bug Bounty Hunter, MoleDao
  • Media Partner – Icetealabs


Together, these partners form the backbone of our vibrant ecosystem, ready to engage, innovate, and collaborate.


Timings: Thursday, March 21, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM 

Register Now: 

QuillShield: Empowering the Derby


Not only do we have the best founders coming to pitch their products to the best VCs, but we also have free credits for these tools and products for everyone joining this Derby, sponsored by QuillShield. QuillShield is an automated web3 security suite of tools to provide end-to-end security to your decentralized applications. Be it AI Audits, Manual Audits or Monitoring, we’ve got you covered.

Join the Rodeo

Join us at the Decentralized Derby with QuillAudits, where we unite for a secure and innovative web3 future. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a push for teamwork and big advances in the web3 world. And take advantage of the free community pizzas – a tasty treat to complement our journey.


Additionally, to amplify the bets that VCs take on these jockeys, A.K.A, our founders, we are actively looking to allow communities to partner with us for this rodeo, but make sure you like pizzas.